Odds and Ends

I often stumble upon many things throughout the day that I want to share.  These next few things are just some of them.


As an RTN major I am always searching for good music to add to my list of potential soundtrack additions.  On a more personal level, I simply love instrumentals because I can’t concentrate with anything else playing.

Olafur Arnalds

Olafur was introduced to me by my roommate (Thanks, Kristin!).  He is a 22 year-old Icelandic composer.  A-maz-ing.

Sigur Ros

I had to add Sigur Ros because they are also Icelandic and I have loved them for a while.


Jonsi is the singer of Sigur Ros.  Recently he broke off to do a little solo album, which is awesome!


Glee, Modern Family, Community, and The Office are my top choices right now.  You can read a review I wrote on the season premier of Community here.  Last weeks episode of 30 Rock was really funny though, I’m most likely adding it to my list of weekly must sees.  The kicker is that the show based on “Shit My Dad Says” is premiering tonight  at 8:30 on CBS (the same time as 30 Rock). Uh Oh.


1) Some of Coach’s new shoes are so cute!  I would get them if they weren’t crazy expensive.

2) Charlotte Russe has a lot of great styles of shoes available  for reasonable prices.

3) Hollister currently has swim bottoms on clearance for $5!  They also have dresses and rompers on clearance for $15-$10.

4) Jane is currently having an art contest on her blog.  Check out come of the submissions here.  Submit your own drawing!

That is all for now, hipikats!


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