Holiday Season 2010

Although, I’ve been personally scouting out winter fashions for my own wardrobe, I’ve failed at informing my readers.  Would you buy that this is my first relaxed moment in a while?  It’s the truth!  Anyway, here are some things I’ve noticed that you may want to jump on.

1. Faux Fur

Faux fur in coats, hats, and accessories is really becoming a big thing.  I want to stress the FAUX part of that phrase because harming animals is never in style.  Fashion designers are becoming extremely conscious of using faux fur in their collections instead of real fur.  Chanel did it in their Winter 2010 line.

Anyway, faux fur is definitely one of the staples of this winter’s well-dressed woman.  I particularly love the Russian style hats and hanging fox tail. (wink wink Buy me one?)

2. Capes

I guess I should take this opportunity to say that this list in order from 1-5 beginning with my most favorite.  That being said, capes are my second favorite.

Photo from Chicmuse

I actually have a houndstooth cape I grabbed a while ago but I’ve yet to wear it.  I kind of wanted a warmer day for it and I let those day pass me by so I’ll have to rough it…after I get some long gloves that go up to my elbows.

3. Sweater Prints

I may have made my affinity for sweater print clear much much earlier in the year when D&G put out their winter 2010/2011 line which was just littered with the stuff:

I love the way that these prints have been able to kind of transcend time.  Because it isn’t offensive, it can be used in any sort of newer winter style.  Plus, it just screams winter-time.  It’s just seems special to me how synonymous with snow and hot-chocolate this print is.

This jumpsuit actually comes close to being wearable in this Victoria’s Secret 2010 Fashion Show Exclusive:

Thermal Long Jane

(I’d also like to add this adorableness to my Christmas Wishlist.)  Anyway, the typical sweater print is the unsung hero of the holiday season, in my opinion.

Cross Stitch Sweater @ Forever 21

4. Velvet

Now this is a personal choice.  Velvet can go horribly wrong if it’s not done right.  Also, if you find yourself somewhere you didn’t expect,  people who hardly know you will have a hard time not running their hands all over you.  Still, I can’t shake the feeling that it’s just a great fabric.  (Most likely has to do with all those velvety holiday dresses I had when I was young.)

Velvet Bodycon Slip @ Free People

Velvet Ballet Flat @ Charlotte Russe


5. Sparkles

New Years is definitely synonymous with glitter in every form.  A good sequined piece stands out but is also appropriate.

Sequined Top @ Charlotte Russe

Eric Daman Dress @ Charlotte Russe

Sequin Flats @ Charlotte Russe

Nyx Glitter Cream Palette @ Nyx Cosmetics

Anything special you are looking at this Holiday Season?  I hope you enjoyed it, hipikats!

(All photos not labeled are from

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