Shine On

I made some ornaments for our tree this year.

It was fun but it was a mess, when your working with glitter it tends to get all over the place.

I even got some on Mama, but it was her fault, she wouldn’t stop jumping up on the table!

Above are the finished ornaments on our tree.  While I was making them, I though I would take advantage of the glitter to highlight my new favorite nail polish.

It’s called “Show it and Glow it” by OPI.

I love it because the glitter in it isn’t few and far between.  It’s the best glitterly nail polish I’ve ever come across.  OPI has an entire line of six glitters inspired by the movie Burlesque.  Check it out here.

Keeping with the holiday theme, I took a bit of video or christmas lights this past month so I put it all together in a nice little video:

Enjoy,  I hope you are all having a wonderful break!


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