Makes you lie awake all through the night

Hi everyone, turns out the keyboard and trackpad on my laptop just stopped working, so it looks like I will be without a computer for a little bit.  Since I have a mouse, I was able to post these photos and I switched to my brother’s computer to add the text.  Anyway, I just wanted to say a little bit about New Years Resolutions.  Usually I don’t make one because they never get accomplished and I lose sight of them.  But, while counting the shoes in my room the other day, I realized that some of my clothes just don’t get the use that they should.  So, as much as I already try to mix it up and avoid the jeans and sweatshirt routine, I’m going to try even harder.  Hopefully my schedule this coming semester will allow me more time to work on my blog and take photos for it. Enjoy the rest of break, if you’re already back in school than I hope you had a good time.  If a messy unorganized room (still not unpacked from getting home in December) is any indication of a good time than I’ve certainly been enjoying myself.  Yesterday I broke a board!  Like I kicked through it.  Not even kidding, haha.  Anyway, enjoy, hipikats.

PS. Check out the time lapse video I made when we watched the sunset on Naples beach. Here.


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