Yakkity Yak

Ok, I got no feedback on my last blog so I am just going to assume that everyone thinks my idea is so amazing that it causes speechlessness (or temporary paralysis of the hands).  I’m actually really excited about it.  I spent a little time browsing the internet for website and blogs claiming to be about college fashion  and I didn’t like anything I came across.  What I want to do is a more personal blog based on created content.  As in, most blogs I looked at were consumed with “How To Dress Like A Celebrity” and where to get to clothes to create a certain look.  Rowan is actually a really great resource for examples of fashion on campus.  Just today I saw at least three people who stood out style-wise.  This one girl had the most amazing furry hat with ears, I wish I had my camera/I hope she wears it again and I get a chance to photograph her.  In essence, I’m  attempting to create a blog that is interesting because it is mostly stuff that people have never seen before.  I personally tend to brush off re-hashings of  “Five Ways to Wear a Black Dress” and “How to Get Beach Hair.”  It’s so much more interesting to actually go out and see what people are doing to draw inspiration from.  The being said, here are some pictures of me (lol):


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