Think Pink

It’s funny that we associate pink with femininity.  On one hand, it seems like a such a natural association but if you give it a moment’s thought, you would probably realize that it all comes down to societal norms.  In a way, it is unfortunate that certain colors are associated with masculinity or femininity (or anything else for that matter).  It often leads people to believe that they should reject a certain color for fear that wearing it might communicate something false about themselves.  For instance, pink is a great color.  It can be soft or bright, exciting, and vibrant.  For many years, I tended to reject any form of pink because I didn’t want to fit any sort of girly stereotype.  It was a silly way to think, I realize that now.  There is no reason to reject any sort of colors from your wardrobe if you like them.  That being said, pink has grown into one of my favorite colors for it’s versatility in application.  It can jump out in your face or float through your vision like a cloud.

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