It takes awhile to get into the swing of all this fashion business.  Believe me, I’ve been researching and reading blogs for over a year at this point and I still get mixed up in the abbreviations and designers.  NYFW stands for New York Fashion Week, which is an event hosted by Mercedes Benz in New York where designers from all over come to show their collections.  From what I can gather, Fashion week started last Thursday and the bulk of it is over already.  Surprisingly enough, designers are now showing their collections for next Fall (2011).  Even as someone engrossed in the world of fashion, I can’t really figure out the logic behind premiering a collection so early.  The average person still hasn’t started looking at spring trends.  Which is where I come in, over the next few weeks I will going through the fashion shows and editorials that designers put out for this coming spring.  I will bring you some of my favorite (perhaps some of my least favorite) and I will compile a list of possible probable trends for this coming spring based on expert opinions and my own observations.

3.1Phillip Lim

Enjoy, hipikats.


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