My Favorite Collections of Spring 2011

I know it has been forever since I promised this post but, as they always say, better late than never.  Besides I am busy getting straight A’s!  No, just kidding. (Sometimes I get B’s.)

Anyway here are the collections worthy to be gawked at by you and yours.  Enjoy my choices for top ten collections of spring 2011.

Disclaimer: Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to look at every spring collection in existence so there may be a great one that I missed.  These aren’t necessarily in exact order.  Although numbers one and two are my absolute favorites.

1. D&G

If you know me, you may have guessed my allegiance lies with the ever satisfying D&G. I love everything about this collection. Everything. Honorable mention to the Dolce&Gabbana collection.

2. Christian Dior

John Galliano may exhibit the tendency to say nasty things but this collection is a thing of beauty.  Nautical, colorful, quirky. C’est parfait!

3. Chloe

Beautiful neutral palette and clean lines.  I love the sheer pieces, especially the ones that are ballet-like.

4. Mary Katrantzou

I’ve posted photos of this collection before but I could not include it in this list.  Seriously, how amazing are these garments?  Too amazing!

5. Proenza Schouler

Pretty in such a funny way!  They called their tweed, “tweed on acid.” I love it.


6. Badgley Mischka

Pretty silhouettes and muted colors.  This dress is particularly amazing in a minty color.  Plus, the styling for the fashion show is really nice.

7. Marc by Marc Jacobs

The stripes bring me right into the feeling of summer.  Very well done.

8. Marc Jacobs

Whoa!  Two Marc Jacobs shows?  Marc is on a rollll.

9. Versus

Versus is Dontella Versace and Christopher Kane. Yup…not sure how I come upon some of this knowledge.  Anyway, big fan of the flower prints and the way the runway was decorated like a bad summer yard.

10. Prada

Prada had me at, “Hi I’m wearing an orange dress clutching a pink and green striped fur stole, NBD.”  Big deal Prada, big deal.  This show should probably be higher on the list (Oh well, not editing it.  I edit enough for school).

Additional Honorable Mention: Richard Nicoll, Suno, Givenchy, Alexander Wang, Michael Kors, Charlotte Ronson, Versace

I hope you enjoyed all my hard work, hipikats 🙂  What were your favorite collections?


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