Bathing Suits for Summer 2011

I’ve noticed my post on bathing suits from last year has gotten a lot of views recently with bathing suit season coming up. To be completely honest, bathing suit shapes have not changed a whole lot. Most of the suits I introduced then are still really great choices. However, I did think I could still talk about the importance of finding a suit that works for you as opposed to following the “trends”.

Step One in finding a perfect bathing suit is finding your shape.  Personally, I’m a pear shape.  Next, you need to search for bathing suits that will flatter your body.

Shape #1: Rectangle Shape

Typically, rectangle shaped girls and women don’t have a problem showing off their body but sometimes they might search for something that gives the illusion that they have more curves.

Try bathing suits with cut-outs to emphasize the waist.


Try bikinis that add bulk to your top and bottom.  A padded top or ruffles will do it for the top.  While a boy short will make your bottom look bigger.

Victoria’s Secret

Victoria’s Secret

A vintage high-rise bathing suit would also be ideal for your frame.


Shape #2: Apple Shape

The apple shaped girl or women has the most trouble with the top half of her body.  The trick is to minimize or completely cover the chest.

Tops that cover cleavage, like a wide halter or bandeau are ideal.


A one-piece swimsuit or tankini would also accomplish this task.

Victoria’s Secret


To emphasize the bottom, look for a bottom that covers a lot, giving the look that there is more there when there is more to hide.

Victoria’s Secret

Shape #3: Pear Shape

A pear shape girl or woman is smaller up top with a larger bottom.  Opposite the apple shape, the aim is to emphasize the chest while toning down the bottom.

Look for a padded top or one with embellishments like ruffles.

Victoria’s Secret

Victoria’s Secret

It may seem counter productive but you want a smaller string bottom to make the bottom look smaller.  Less covered, less booty.


Shape# 4: The Hourglass

The hourglass woman is basically perfect.  She is already proportionate and therefore, can wear anything! Wooh!

For cheaper, cute bathing suits try Target.


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