20 before 21 and beyond

I’m not sure what sparked me to create this “list of goals” (Don’t call it a “bucket list.” Something about those words make me cringe.  Not nails-against-a-chalkboard-cringe.  More like hair-in-your-soup-cringe.) but I did it.  I thought I would share because it is a proven fact that if you tell other people about your goals, you feel more obligated to complete them.  It’s true, look it up.
Anyway, I first saw this on Elizabeth’s blog, Delightfully Tacky, a while ago.  I thought it would be fun to do because I’m supposedly coming up on “the best age ever” in less than two months.  Since I have such a short amount of time to complete my first list, I stuck to simple things:
(click to enlarge)
As you can see, I haven’t filled in my last goal.  Any suggestions?  (Don’t suggest skydiving…not gonna happen.)
Started my 21 before 22 as well:
Again I haven’t filled in the last goal!  I’m thinking…”Become Victoria’s Secret Model.”
So there it is.  It isn’t anything crazy or “daring” but they are things that I enjoy or know I will enjoy.  I am always about improving intellectually.  So, basically that is what this means to me.
What are some of your goals?

4 thoughts on “20 before 21 and beyond

  1. Taryn

    Hey, I’m creeping Danielle. But I read Classy by Derek Blasberg last summer (OC library has it stocked because of me) and you HAVE to read it. Amazing.

    Actually started a blog a while back, but I’m not gonna share it till I finish a few more projects… But, I absolutely love yours.

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