Where To Save

Quite a while ago, a friend and reader, Kathleen, told me I ought to make my next post for people who want to be fashionable but “have no money.”  Never fear Kathleen, the art of being fashionable on a budget is something I excel at.  For me, it is about quantity over quality (which is unfortunate for my reputation as a fashionable person).  However, being trendy means spending on cloths that will only be “in” for a season or two.  So, there is really no need to spend a lot on those crop tops and feather extensions.  My first post in the helpful series will be about the best products and garments to save your money on.

1. Make-Up and Nail Polish

Make-up and nail polish are two products that can either be cheap or extremely expensive.  In most cases, the more expensive = better quality.  I don’t shell out the big bucks on a compact of Chanel face powder because I am happy with drugstore brands.  Some people are not, which is fine, but it seems like a waste of money in some cases.  NYC brand nail polish=99 cents.  Essie=8 dollars.

2. Bathing Suits

Bathing suits are one of those things that are unimaginably expensive.  Popular brands like Billabong, Volcom, Roxy, and RipCurl charge about $40 for separates which totals a good $80 for one bikini.  Try target for more reasonably priced, but still cute suits.

3. Trendy Tops and Accessories

For the newest thing, whether it be a hat, scarf, or belt: Don’t go to the mall!  Stores charge top dollars for cheap merchandise just because it is popular.  Shop a store like Forever 21, because they are on trend and don’t bring up the prices.  Also, don’t forget about stores like Marshalls and TJMaxx!  You can also consider making your own accessory  if you are handy with a hot glue gun.

Thats all for now.  Next post will most likely be a recommendation of stores to shop at that offer low prices on trendy clothing.

4. Basics

Don’t spend $500 on that 3 pack of Armani t-shirts.  They are cotton, just like all other white tees.  Go to places like Target, Walmart and K Mart for your plain t-shirts, socks, stockings, hair bands, and work-out clothes.  Some things are all created equal and your basics are definitely those things.  It doesn’t matter how much your white ankle socks cost…they all look the same.

5. Shoes

Most people would say don’t skimp on shoes.  But, when you are young, you aren’t looking for something that is going to carry you through the day.  You want “going out” shoes.  Forever 21 and Charlotte Russe have most of their shoes on sale for about $30 24/7 365.  Target and Payless occasionally get some good designs as well.  For flip flops, stock up on the $2 pairs at old navy.  Get them in every color so you can always match your shoes to your top.


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