I’ve tried really hard to turn my dorm room into my home away from home this year.  In previous years, I didn’t put in the effort and I was never satisfied with my living space.  Therefore, I wanted to create a comfortable habitat,a place where I would happy to retreat to at the end of the day.

Comfort is such an important component of life, especially college life (You see all those 18-21 year olds walking around in sweatpants all the time.)  Being a creature of comfort, I look for ways to dress that are comfortable without looking that way.  This afternoon’s outfit, for instance, was a combination of some of my comfiest pieces.

I’m wearing my all-time favorite thrift store pick; a GAP sweater.  Also wearing AE Jeggings “Ankle Length” which mean they are a perfect fit for my short legs and what I call my “Margot shoes”.

I bought these at Target for a Margot Halloween costume three years ago, thinking I would never wear them again.  Low and behold they are some of the comfiest shoes I own.  Plus, I kinda feel ridiculously cool when I wear them.

Finally, the earrings I am wearing are from a favorite store of mine located off the beaten trail in Eagles Mere, PA.  When I bought them, the sign said they were from Peru.

(Also seen in a previous picture.)

Thats all for today.  I hope to be bringing you more outfit posts soon. 🙂 Stay comfy, hipikats.


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