And the Winner is…

Thanks to all of you who voted on my “You Decide” dress choices!  I’m pleased to say there was a victor.

The minty green dress with long sleeves.  I’m extremely happy with this choice, I should let you guys choose for me more often. 🙂   (The flower in these pictures was folded for me by Peter <3)

I like the way this color seems to change in different lighting.  The only “bad” thing I have to say is that Asos runs small sometimes.  I am typically a size 2 or 4.  However, the sizing guide on Asos advised me that I would probably be a 6.  Thinking 6 would be too big, I ordered a 4.  The 4 isn’t too small but is it a little tight where it is ruched right under my ribcage.

Here are you votes.  Just so you know I didn’t cheat.  I will post photos of myself in the dress but not until the wedding!

Enjoy, hipikats.


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