Holiday Uniform 2011

Does Christmas style really ever change?  There is red, green, and trusty black.  Plus gold in it’s many forms is not only acceptable but encouraged.  Dresses made of tulle, organza, velvet, and sequins are in abundance.  But what about doing something a little differently this year?  I give you your holiday uniform for 2011:

Holidays 2011
1. Plisse Shift Dress $32
2. Chunky Knit Cardigan SOLD OUT (similar $72)
3. Scallop Collar Blouse $34
4. Bold Flame Skirt $43
5. Black Skinny Jeans
6. Crochet Top (similar $20)
7. Black Pencil Skirt $36
8. Patent Leather Flats $49
9. Steve Madden Annie Wedge $50
10. Brown Knitted Scarf $31
11. Faux Fur Purse $17
12. Gold Shorts (similar $55)
13. Knit Cropped Top (similar $15 and $17)

Outfit #1: Out With Friends

Holiday 2011: Knits and Collars


Outfit #2: Shopping and Day Tripping

Holiday 2011: The Cardigan

Outfit #3: Christmas Eve

Holidays 2011: Romantic

Holidays 2011: Romantic by danielleuniverse featuring lace tops

I hope that sparks your imagination, hipikats.


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