This Summer’s Best Bathing Suits: 2012

Everyone is anxious to see what styles are in for the upcoming swimsuit season by now.  Therefore, I’m excited admit that I have exactly what you are looking for (and just in time for pre-spring break shopping).  Here are the bathing suit trends for 2012.

1. Printed

Printed bathing suits may not be everyone’s cup of tea but the daring need look no further then this trend. Click on the photos to find out where to buy.

We Are Handsome



Bound & Tide


2. Fringe

Fringe is huge and it is obvious why when looking at these pictures.  (Some of these bathing suits are currently sold out if that gives you an even better idea!)

3. Ruffle

Cute and girly.  (A little ruffle on top is all a flat chested girl needs.)

4. Crochet

Hippie or bohemian.  A unique suit.

5. Vintage Cut

Vintage suits are just so flattering!

There you have it.  They may not all be new but they are certainly going strong.  What do you think of this season’s trends, hipikats?


5 thoughts on “This Summer’s Best Bathing Suits: 2012

  1. Daddo

    I liked the fringe green top with multicolored bottom.The backbone one is too weird! Gives me the creeps. The mouth with the pills is also strange. I have seen a lot of solid tops with plaid bottoms around the pool this year. I liked them so I guess they will be out next year.

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