Fall Uniform 2012

With every new season comes a slightly new “uniform”.  We learn what we like and modify it enough everyday that it is a different outfit but essentially the same idea.  Fall is my favorite time for clothes.  The heat of summer finally lets up and allows for tons more clothing options. (Plus, it is that rare time before the real cold when a heavy coat isn’t covering up your masterpiece.)

This fall I am sticking to my guns a little bit.  While I might be dying to add a nice structured bag and some riding boots to my wardrobe, everything thing else is relatively the same as it was this past winter.  Let me show you:

ImageStaples: Sweater, Collared Shirt, Leggings/Tights, Skirt, Skinny Jeans, Booties (Accessories: Sunnies, Scarf, Delicate Jewelry, Pearls, Gold and Silver)

You see?  It is always the same vibe but just portrayed slightly differently.  It’s a classy, nerdy, comfortable, and textured uniform that is appropriate for all occasions and perfect for the fall “academia” vibe (that I love so much).

In adding to my closet for this fall I stocked up on sweaters at TJ Maxx and grabbed some essentials like booties and scarves.  I am also getting into more delicate and classic jewelry, which I started with a few rings.

I picked up these two pairs on a very successful outing.  They’re both Wanted brand. (I scored mine for much cheaper than they are offered online at Barefeet Shoes in Atlantic City.)

My favorite rings this summer that I am keeping in rotation into the fall.  Left to right:  Starfish Ring from work.  My Class Ring (which now needs to be resized because it looks funny right next to my engagement ring).  Two Thin Gold Bands from Etsy.  Knot Ring from Etsy.

There you have it, hipikats.  It’s slightly different from my usual “Fall Trends” post (which I can still do) but I hope you enjoy it!


One thought on “Fall Uniform 2012

  1. Coco

    You are a beauty!!! I just found out about your lovely blog through Fashion Parkway Fashion Blog Hop. Following you and hope you’ll follow back. Let’s stay in touch dear! xx Coco

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