How Many Times do they Say “Coffee” in the Gilmore Girls? That’s right, I did it!

I tend to have a curious streak when it comes to television.  Everything I watch inspires a vast wonderland of behind-the-scenes ponderings.  “Does the Bob’s Burgers cast ad-lib and THEN animate to the voice actors?” “How has no one else noticed that song from Spongebob sounds so much like one from Doug?” “How DO they get a touchdown replay up so fast?” “How many times do you think they say ‘coffee’ in this friggin series?”

Well, one of those things, the seemingly endless depths of the internet has not yet answered – How many times is the word “coffee” uttered in the series Gilmore Girls?  In my search for the truth I came upon one brave genius who attempted a similar project here. But let’s be honest – 1) Supposed cups-of-coffee-drank is a much less definitive count than clear spoken word. 2) Everything is about the bottom line.

I won’t lie.  I did this count as soon as Netflix made the series available. Something in me waited for the perfect time to release said information, however. (Read: I was trying to figure out how to get paid for this post.) Today, is the next best thing I suppose, as hundreds of coffee shops are giving out free coffee today, Luke’s Diner style to celebrate the upcoming series reboot.

I’d also like to act like it was painstaking work done simply to help those in the world that may be curious.  But it was amazing and gave me a true reason to binge.

Ok, I’ll let you get to the good stuff!


Hah!  Got you with that teaser photo.

Ok, The bottom line is the number.  In total, how many times was the word ‘coffee’ said in Gilmore Girls?  Are you ready for this?


Are You Sure?


621 times*

Now, I don’t claim to be a math genius.  But I’ll break it down with some maths for you guys anyway.

At 153 episodes, that’s an average mention of 4.05 times per episode. I’ll be honest with you though, although it seems like these women never stop talking about coffee, there were a few episodes which had zero coffee chat!  Then, there were others that I felt the script editor just gave up on.

Episodes with Zero mentions of Coffee:

  • S2 Ep6
  • S2 Ep13
  • S2 Ep15
  • S3 Ep5
  • S3 Ep6
  • S3 Ep15
  • S4 Ep5
  • S4 Ep6
  • S4 Ep7
  • S5 Ep1
  • S5 Ep14
  • S5 Ep21
  • S6 Ep5
  • S7 Ep4
  • S7 Ep5
  • S7 Ep7
  • S7 Ep10
  • S7 Ep 18

Episodes with the most mentions of Coffee:

  • S2 E12 – 18 times
  • S3 E12 – 17 times
  • S5 E11 – 19 times
  • S5 E15 – 18 times

The pesky asterisk:

  1. I am not a cyborg so I do reserve the right to err.  If any of you nerds want to check my scientific findings, go for it.  Additionally, if you want to check my math I’ve provided this list below.
  2. I only included the word “coffee” in the count.  I did not include combo words such as, ‘coffee cart’ and ‘coffee maker.’

The Full Breakdown:

You’re welcome, all.  If you feel like paying me back for this service to society you can check out my business, Danielle Salerno Photography.  Or not. I’ll always have coffee.


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