The Bag and The Shoe

I’ve been gravitating towards a very specific type of bag and an equally as specific type of shoe.  The bag can be best described as structured but it is more than that.  It is so stiff and straight that a wrinkle or fold will never trouble the buttery soft leather face.  It is heavy duty and perfectly angled.  It is everything you want for a timeless piece.

The Bag

The shoe exhibits the same amount of quality.  Showing up everywhere from the Calvin Klein to the Tod’s ads in this month’s issue of Marie Claire.  This double-strapped shoe has such a classic charm.  It is sharp, makes a statement, and also remains largely unintrusive.  (Hopefully, a pair will soon be mine.)

The Shoe

Photos from Online Stores, Fashion Toast, and Tuula Vintage

What do you think, hipikats?


This Summer’s Best Bathing Suits: 2012

Everyone is anxious to see what styles are in for the upcoming swimsuit season by now.  Therefore, I’m excited admit that I have exactly what you are looking for (and just in time for pre-spring break shopping).  Here are the bathing suit trends for 2012.

1. Printed

Printed bathing suits may not be everyone’s cup of tea but the daring need look no further then this trend. Click on the photos to find out where to buy.

We Are Handsome



Bound & Tide


2. Fringe

Fringe is huge and it is obvious why when looking at these pictures.  (Some of these bathing suits are currently sold out if that gives you an even better idea!)

3. Ruffle

Cute and girly.  (A little ruffle on top is all a flat chested girl needs.)

4. Crochet

Hippie or bohemian.  A unique suit.

5. Vintage Cut

Vintage suits are just so flattering!

There you have it.  They may not all be new but they are certainly going strong.  What do you think of this season’s trends, hipikats?

Create Your Own Resort Collection

I’m thinking about something a little different today, hipikats.  Can you guess what it is?  If you guessed tropical vacation then you’re a super genius.

If you did not already know, designers often release “resort” collections aimed at people who go on vacation to warmer climates during the colder months.  That being said, resort wear, like all designer clothing, is crazy expensive.

I thought it would be fun to create my own resort collection from more affordable pieces.  Before, I begin though here are  a few of my favorite resort collections for 2012:

Alice & Olivia

Barbara Bui

BCBG Max Azria

Christian Dior

A resort collection to me, should be a few things.  First, it should tell a story.  When you go on vacation you have a chance to create an experience and how you dress can influence your attitude and the things you do.  Choose clothes that will exemplify the kind of vacation you want to have.  For example, If you want to be jet-setter remember to include a floppy hat and plenty of sunglasses.Jet Setter Resort CollectionJet Setter Resort Collection by danielleuniverse featuring tote handbags

If you want to be bohemian then include plenty of bathing suits and flowy clothes.

Bohemian Resort Collection

Second, your clothes should be cohesive.  Stick to a color palette and don’t skimp on the black, white, and nudes.  That way you will have a lot of choices when getting dressed for the day because everything will match.

For my personal resort collection, I went for a comfortable chic and I tried to make it so many of the pieces could be mixed and matched.

My Resort collection 2012 Poolside

My Resort collection 2012 Poolside by danielleuniverse featuring h&m swimwear

My Resort Collection 2012 Day
My Resort Collection 2012 Night

My Resort Collection 2012 Night by danielleuniverse featuring a short pleated skirt

There you have it.  What would your resort collection look like hipikats?

Valentine’s Day Style

I guess I could say that there are two parts of my style.  The first wants to dress for the occasion in a literal sense.  Valentine’s Day merits red dresses and heart jewelry.  The other part wants to just capture the essence.  The day is about sweetness so light fabrics or skin baring trends would be appropriate.  However you spin it, here is some V-Day fashion inspiration for you.

click for specifics

click for specifics

click for specifics

Ankle Bootie Heaven

I’ve wanted a shoe like this ever since I saw a pair grace the feet of Rumi from Fashion Toast (Photo Cred goes to Rumi).  Unfortunately, the observed rules of fashion are that anything amazing isn’t sold at a decent price until at least a year later.  Now that said year is basically up, here are some affordable alternatives currently available:

1. DSW Coconuts Sammie $64.95
2. DSW SM Women’s Philip $89.95
3. ALDO Qualheim Booties $52.49
4. Go Jane Suede Cowboy Bootie $25.60
5. Go Jane Suede Chunky Heel $27.30

I hope this was helpful, hipikats.  Check out my new tumblr when you’re done here!